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10 Ethical Blog Rules (to avoid a beatdown…)

Black-Eyed P...Hilton

Black-Eyed P...Hilton

Perez Hilton wasn’t hidden behind his blog in an office when he told Will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas that “he was a faggot.” And that caused the frumpy blog diva some problems.

Perez has come under criticism for berating Hollywood stars and starlets. He has also been called into question regarding his tactics of “outing” suspected homosexuals on his blog, perezhilton.com: the overall consensus is that it’s a person’s personal business, and not Perez’s.

Whether Will.i.am is gay, or not, is, quite frankly, moot. After having some words, the night progressed with arguments taking place in different locations. In the end, it came to a head. There are differing sides to the story along with some rapid tweeting by Hilton asking for his fans to save him. He reportedly had already called the police.

Although violence doesn’t ever help, it  almost understandable in this case: Perez Hilton taunts celebritities by drawing pictures of penises on their faces, calling women “sluts” and “whores,” and making wild statements like wanting to lick David Beckham in his underwear.

Does Perez deserve to be attacked for what he wrote? As we’ve seen in the past, the stars in Hollywood have varying past experiences, some violent. A couple times a year, some Hollywood personality, or bodyguard, is arrested on weapons charges.

Lucky that Perez wasn’t shot.

Hilton is old enough to know better, yet brazen enough to have built a seven-figure income on his catty innuendos. While much of what he writes does turn out to be the truth, is it responsible journalism? As “We, The People” become source and distributor of news, there is a moral and ethical responsiblity to which we should adhere. Unfortunately, it’s not been instituted as of yet. The basics are simple, though:

  1. If you are reporting  first-time news, call for emergency services prior to writing (if necessary)
  2. Provide help when and where necessary
  3. Do not block emergency personnel
  4. Write as many facts down as fast as possible
  5. Write what you see, not what you think
  6. Blogging allows for opinion, but not in place of facts
  7. If what you write  could endanger someone, rethink and rewrite
  8. Write as if you are writing about a loved one:
    1. Be Honest
    2. Be Fair
    3. Be Accountable
  9. The news is the news. Distortion or Plagiarism is lying
  10. Despite what you think, what you write CAN hurt you

Although I cannot swear to it, the site seems a bit “tamer” since Perez & the Peas got into it. More of a pat on the back than a smack in the face. One of his favorite people to rip into is Lindsay Lohan. However, the site is giving her strokes, not slaps, in a post today. Honestly, she looks like crap…


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