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Jon & Kate Beatdown By The Media & America

Why does America dislike Jon & Kate Gosselin so much? They’re not murderers, extortionists, or zealots. They’re simply casualties of the Reality TV grinder. Put all the rumors of infidelity aside: what have they done wrong? Nothing. Child exploitation claims are foolish; it’s obvious that the kids are thriving despite statements to the contrary. Jon and Kate aren’t bad parents, and they seem very likable. So, what exactly, has so many people upset?

They used their family situation to make money.

Yes, they did, entering the homes of millions. So, they’re capitalists.

They exploited the children.

Absolutely no proof exists, and wouldn’t the crew mention exploitation if it truly occurred? What else?

One, or both, had affairs.

Again, prove it. If they did, they deserve pity, not anger.

The Gosselins are victims of the media maelstrom, nothing more, nothing less. Rather than beating them down, they should be lifted up. The sad part is that it’s going to become much worse before it gets better; a quick look back into Reality TV history shows that many of the ‘stars’ do not emerge from the experience at all.

The Hogan Family (destroyed), Cheryl Kosewicz (suicide), Paula Goodspeed (suicide outside Paula Abdul’s home), Najai Turpin (suicide), James Scott Terrill (suicide), Nathan Clutter (dove off a cellular tower), Danny Bonnaducci (attempted suicide), Simon Foster (deadly overdose), Carina Stephenson (hung herself), Jo O’Meara (attempted suicide), and Sinisa Savija (threw herself under a train). And that doesn’t count those that did not make it to television, or their relatives: one woman, appearing on Extreme Makeover, found that her sister killed herself after the show went awry. There’s drug addiction, homelessness, and Susan Boyle-esque hospital stays. People, families, torn apart. Reality TV is the lion, and America’s a gaggle of Romans waiting for the games to begin.

What has happened to American compassion? The Gosselins have been destroyed as a couple and possibly as a family. A direct result of their five-year run-in with TLC. Yeah, they made some money.


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