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Jon and Kate Plus One Hour Special (Too Much Gosselin Around)

Okay, don’t ask me why, but J&K Gosselin have become closer to my heart than anticipated. Yes, I did watch the show regularly, even tuning into marathons lasting for ENTIRE WEEKENDS due to “other” people in my life. I’ve also sat through weekends of  America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), Top Chef, and Sell This House. To name a few. It usually doesn’t bother me so much…multi-tasking is my forte. (Personally, I can’t stand watching reruns of a show in which I already know the outcome, but who am I to complain…I have more negative traits than most.)


So, now that we’ve watched this family get destroyed on National Cable, a one hour special is going to air on Monday, June 22, to either clear the air, announce that they are DONE with TLC, or announce a divorce. No one knows for sure, but TLC and E! are promoting it like the Super Bowl. If memory serves, nothing this large has rocked any cable channel.

At this point, it’s a wonder that Dr. Phil has not stepped in (unasked for), & taken the kids while J&K figure it out.

Either way, be certain of one thing: the on-air blood bath will end, and the compassionate side of me thanks heaven above that they’ll be done  wearing their pain in public. In checking the news and social sites across the web, the chatter is up, and there’s been speculation, rumor, and innuendo (all unproven at this point) regarding the family’s fate. Unverified, unidentified sources state that they are going to announce a divorce. My educated guess? They are going off-air to try to fix their relationship. Why would they want to humiliate themselves further? Do they feel that they owe America, and the press, this information?

They don’t owe us anything, least of all an explanation. Would you go to your neighbors house and demand to know the specifics of what went wrong with their marriage? Enough said.

It’s my hope that they will come through this, bearing the precious scars of a harrowing experience.

TLC should be ashamed of the exploitation for ratings game they have played with this whole situation. They went from “semi-tasteful” cable show to Howard Stern in a matter of weeks. It would be nice to see J&K sue the network, but it’s doubtful that will happen. Then again, no one thought that a woman would have to pay $1.9 Million dollars for 22 MP3s.

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