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Bait & Switch President: Mr. Public Relations (PR) Obama

Well America, you wanted him, and now you’ve got him. The only question is, what are your going to do with him? A professional media maven that has the popularity of a JFK and the agenda of a Clinton. Great…that’s going to make him tough to get rid of come election time.

He’s charismatic, he’s smart, and he’s popular. Yet, with 199 days logged in office, his approval rate is plummeting. But, none of the networks have reported that story because that would mean tarnishing their “Golden Boy.” According to the latest poll, Pro-Bama’s approval rating has dropped 7% since inauguration.

Today, the US Marines made a push to secure cities in Afghanistan prior to next week’s elections in the war-torn country. The attacks were launched in response to threats from the Taliban that they would “disrupt the elections“.  Yet, Pro-Bama has not been linked to this news item either. It’s almost as if it’s happening without his knowledge as he celebrates the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor, a Hispanic female Supreme Court justice. Whereas President Bush would have announced, and taken responsibility for the Marine’s push to secure Afghanistan, Obama has been distant from anything to do with the military, or the two wars currently being fought. Following suit, the media has kept the President’s name and the fighting separate, in no way connecting it to Pro-Bama. Instead, the media interviews have been conducted with soldiers, low-level diplomats, and Afghani political figures.

[U.S. soldiers from the 5th Stryker Brigade take position next to Sari Ghundi village as they patrol near the Pakistani border in Afghanistan.]

Far away from the fighting, the cameras flashed and Pro-Bama gave out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk, Ted Kennedy, Billie Jean King, and Stephen Hawking (among many others); afterward he made a joke about the health care Town Hall meetings that have been erupting into violence, stating; “Can’t we all just get along…”

Well, it would seem that when the government is threatening our current crappy health care system with something worse, we aren’t even close to getting along. However, my real question is why do these four deserve the Presidential Medal of  Freedom? First of all, this is the highest civilian medal given out. Secondly, it is designed to recognize individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” Show me where any of these four have done a thing for this country without first serving themselves. Is it because two of them are/were homosexuals, one has brain cancer, and the final one is confined to a wheel chair? In comparison to past honorees, these four are a joke; previous Medal of Freedom recipients include Mohammed Ali, Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, John F. Kennedy, Roberto Clemente, Nelson Mandela, etc. Pro-Bama should have given the award to Michael Jackson…then the entire “slight of hand” magic trick would have been complete. After all, this is just the Pro-Bama Rope-a-Dope; a diversion from the real things that are going on…(There were some on the list that deserved the award, but not the four mentioned.)

For example, while Pro-Bama and Joe Biden (who?) took a photo op with the black Harvard Professor and the white Policeman who arrested him, sipping beer in a White House Garden as suited staffers ran beer to and from the table, the Nation was slipping into near double-digit employment. (Obama’s former stomping ground, Illinois, has surpassed double digit unemployment, which doesn’t say much for past management.) The graph, below, shows the US, Illinois, and Cook County (Chicago) Unemployment. While the US hovers at 9%, Illinois is at 10.5% and and Cook County’s coming in at 11.6%…

Does anyone realize how many people are in Cook County? Try 5.3 million, which means that over 500,000 are unemployed in the Chicago area alone. That’s more people than most US cities can even claim.


I certainly hope that there’s an App for that….

But, there’s no application, and there’s no respite. At least in the near future. So, the US will just have to hold on while the Pro-Bama staffers try to figure out where all the “Cash for Clunkers” money went, where all the money they loaned to the banks went, and where the money to bail out the auto industry went. Hopefully while they figure out that accounting error, they’ll be able to figure out that the new deal health care reform plan is a stinker, and they will back down. Face it: If they can’t forecast how well a junker car trade-in program is going to perform, they don’t have a shot at figuring out something like health care…it’s uber-confusing already.

Public Relations is definitely Pro-Bama’s (PR OBAMA) strong suit; I am waiting for him to tell us “Don’t worry about it…I’ll take care of it.” I am sure that these same words were used by Bernie Madhoff when he was still Mr. Popular…


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NSFMJL: Not Safe For Michael Jackson Lovers

michael-jackson-maskIf you love Michael Jackson (MJ), this post is not for you.

If you think MJ is a great and shining star, full of love and good works, this post is not for you.

If you think he was a misunderstood soul, again, this post is not for you.

I have dispensed the warnings, so if you are still reading, you either defend Michael Jackson, or you think that the circus surrounding his death is a macabre tribute to the spectacle that surrounded his life. Hopefully the latter.

I wish Dennis Miller were here with me, or had something to say about the pop star, who, in death, mirrored his tabloid life…he would pound MJ with a verbal beating that would befit the “Man in the Mirror;”  today will probably become a frigging holiday…Moonwalk Day…to remind us how far we’ve fallen from the fabric known as reality and into the abyss.

I don’t even know where to start.

First, I cry for his children who have lost a father, his siblings that lost a brother, his parents that lost a son, and for his friends that loved him. I do not begrudge him the great things he accomplished and I do not question his motives or his faith.

The things I do question are his actions and our values.

Right now, at the Staple’s Center in Los Angeles, the MJ faithful are gearing up to say goodbye to a pop legend at an event that is stopping news worldwide and being broadcast across various media: TV, radio, print, mobile phones, and the internet. Yes, we have the capability. Why we are wasting it on Michael Jackson is beyond rational thought as is the fact that there commentators at his memorial. I guess we start there:


The News Media often giveth to those that are un-wanting or undeserving. In one breath, reporters solemnly dispense a story of loss and heartbreak surrounding a child murder. The camera angle changes, the newscaster’s face morphs,  and the next breath supports the buzz surrounding the King of Pop’s memorial. The News Media, once champions of truth and seekers of justice, is now a machine built off of ratings. The ratings determine the prices stations can set for commercials. They also determine the quality of advertisers drawn to a show. Thus, the News Media has become entertainment, forced to carry Jerry Springer-like swill to remain on the air. It’s not the newscasters, although they better be attractive or have a definitive on-air presence; it’s the program directors, the owners, the conglomerates of media corporations. The News Media is big business…just ask Rupert Murdoch of News Corp, owner of Dow Jones & Company, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and  Fox News.

michael-jackson_1Television news is in a vicious cycle, and without having detrimental economic effects, there is no real way to stop it. In a very general sense, ratings are simply percentages of people viewing certain channels or broadcasts rather than others. This is a problematic model when it comes to the news; to gain ratings, News Media has had to become Entertainment. The news has transformed to a “friendlier” format, often taking the look and feel of a talk show rather than a conventional news broadcast. Chairs and couches have replaced the prototypical news desk; in Chicago, the local NBC morning news (from 5a.m. to 7 a.m.) has taken a non-news “flavor,” incorporating items such as Dance Friday, a ridiculous segment during a time-period that is reserved to reach working adults.

The News Media is a mere shadow of what it once embodied, and as it moves toward Entertainment, stations move toward four-hour “news” shows that report crap and generate higher ratings. The best source for truth in media is Public Broadcasting; yet, the problem with Public Broadcasting is lack of resources. These stations do not accept advertising dollars and thus are not able to fund reporting teams, news vans, helicopters, and foreign correspondents.

My television is on in the background, and I have become part of the problem, listening to the hoopla surrounding MJ’s Memorial. In the larger sense, it doesn’t truly matter: The number of viewers is estimated to be in the billions and the celebration/memorial isn’t due to begin for another twelve hours.


Have our current losses in security (job, economic, moral) fallen so far that we need something so blatantly depraved to celebrate? These are, without doubt, troubling times. Our trust has been compromised, our faith has been eroded, and we are in fear of what the future may bring. Yet, stop a moment and think about Michael Jackson, the man: A father of three that held his child out a hotel window; a questionable icon that’s best friend was a chimpanzee; an accused (but not convicted) child molester who beat a criminal rap and paid his way out of a civil suit (for an undisclosed amount of money); a person of questionable appetites and admitted psychological malfunctions; a grandiose dreamer who named his son Prince Michael Jackson; and an addict, living in seclusion, with things unknown taking place behind those castle walls.

The actions of the people once closest to Jackson…do they portray the attitude that should be taken toward the icon’s death? The mother his children Debbie Rowe, his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, and his “second-best” friend Liz Taylor have all stated that they will not attend the memorial. Bubbles, Jackson’s closest and “best-friend” is not attending either, although one of Jackson’s fans offered to fly him to the funeral, all expenses paid.

If only Bubbles could speak.


If this is a picture of what we’ve become, we need to re-evaluate our priorities. Not since the arrival of the Pope has an event gathered this much media attention…or so said the news. The City of Los Angeles, already over $500 million inWhAmIgoing debt, is expecting to incur a cost around $3,000,000, which is more than the $1.8 million spent last month to celebrate the Los Angeles Lakers’ Championship festivities. Who is going to pay for all of this? Right now, it seems to be LA, although they have asked for the Jackson Family and the event company (yes, there’s an event company) to help defray the cost. Not to miss an opportunity, they have also asked for fans to contribute via Pay Pal.

While the News Media covers the event, they question their own coverage in the face of public scrutiny; yet, as the ratings-game plays out, they have no choice but to be there with top talent. After all, this is one of the largest cultural events that will be seen in the lifetimes of many… drawing more sympathetic well-wishers than the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the death of Princess Diana, and the murder of Martin Luther King. Our youth will bear this stain, forever remembering where they were when Michael Jackson died.

Such is our fate.


If there were a singular event that I could pin “We Have Lost Our Way” upon, it would be this one. Over the bankruptcy, theft, and corporate espionage exhibited by some of our once-famous manufacturers, banks, and insurance companies. Greater than the political scandals committed by our elected officials, our states, and Uncle Sam. More damaging than the harm created by our laws, or lack thereof. As America turns toward the death of Michael Jackson, the King, America turns away from all that made us individual, great, and sovereign.

We’ve removed our values from the priceless and placed them on the useless.

Ironically, I am reminded of a story where a great nation that had lost their way also went whoring after worthless idols.

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Blowback: Neda’s Death, Iran’s Future (Part II)

Historical Perspective

**Please note that historical events have been reconstructed as accurately as possible. Every event in Iran’s timeline is important; however, “lesser” events have been  left out for the purpose of  brevity.**

iran-map1I was twelve when the Iranian people revolted against The Shah. The details are murky; as most boys, there were far more important things happening right in my own backyard. The poignant memory for me is in that general time-period, a yellow ribbon was tied around a tree in our front yard. A yellow ribbon, hung in protest, for American citizens being held as prisoners. In 1979, Iranian extremists stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, seizing the Embassy as well as fifty-two Americans hostages. They were held for 444 Days. The assault on our embassy occurred roughly within a year of the revolution that ousted the Shah of Iran. The same Shah that was put into power by joint US-British intelligence in 1953.

It’s vital to note that Hollywood “good guys” & “bad guys” do not exist in this political mashup; the Iranian government and people mistrust and dislike Americans for reasons easily forgotten by US citizens. Time tends to erase the memory of “insignificant” events, and to the American people, our government was acting righteously, fighting the rise of Communism in the world. In 1950, the US entered into the Korean Conflict (The Korean War) on the side of the non-Communist South. Korea had been divided since the end of World War II, when the Japanese, who had been ruling Korea since 1910, surrendered to both the Soviet Union and United States simultaneously. To avoid conflict, the US and USSR divided Korea along the 38th Parallel. A Communist faction took control of North Korea in 1946, while South Korea set up a rival republic. The United States and Soviet Union, once allies against Adolf Hitler’s Germany, squared-off as adversaries.

In the last hundred years, Iran’s history, much like our own history a century earlier, has been heavily Image_AFPimpacted by the British. Without going into overt detail, the British have had a presence in the Middle East since the early 1900’s. In a region constantly afflicted with change, The Ottoman Empire (Turkish Empire) held much of the land now known as the Middle East prior to World War I. There was no sovereign state of Israel…the Jewish people were scattered across the globe, just as foretold in the Bible. Iran was known as Persia, and Mesopatamia was still a place on the map. Due to some Ottoman military defeats and the borrowing of money from western nations, foreign powers were granted “zones of influence.”  Britain was in Egypt, the French held Lebbanon and Syria, and the Russians were interested in Armenia. Italy and Austria-Hungary also had territory. Ruled by a Sultan, the Empire’s population was around 25 million when a group known as the Young Turks ousted the Sultan and resisted his attempt to re-establish power in 1908/1909.

Enter Germany. Turkey had requested that Germany aid in the reformation and modernization of it’s army following the Balkan Wars in 1912 and 1913 due to the army’s poor abilities at fighting and sustaining itself. Fearful of Russian expansion, when World War I broke out, Turkey sided with Germany, against not only Russia, but Britain as well.

This history would not have much significance if it weren’t for the discovery of vast quantities of oil around the same period. Concessions were granted to other nations to extract the oil, and the capitalization of the Middle East had begun. There were other periods of unrest, turmoil and war ( including World War II) that affected all present-day nations in the region, but for our intent, fast-forward to 1950.

Iran was led by Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq, a democratically-elected Prime Minister. Seeking to nationalize Iran’s oil industry from the British, and with heavy leanings toward Communist Russia, Mosaddeq concerned both the British and US governments. As the the world’s superpowers entered into The Cold War period, intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI6, and Russian KGB were formed and covert operations that would forever alter the future were launched. Mossadeq succeeded in reclaiming Iran’s vast natural resource, an act which nearly resulted in open war between Britain and Iran. (The British company drilling in Iran became known as British Petroleum, or BP.) Instead, Britain labored to enlist the United States in an early coup of Mosaddeq. President Truman, already in committed conflict with Russian-backed North Korea, declined. Two years later, President Eisenhower was elected and Operation Ajax, a joint MI6 and CIA effort, aided (and funded) one of Mosaddeq’s former Generals, Fazlollah Zahedi in the overthrow of the Iranian governement. It was the CIA’s first covert operation against a foreign adversary.

The year was 1953, and the United States of America, supposed champion of fairness and Democray, staunch foe to Socialist and Communist regimes, had overthrown the ruler of a Democratic nation, propelling Iran back to it’s former state of government: Tyranny. Although it wasn’t realized at the time, the impact of this single event would ruin the United States’ credibility in the Middle East. Worse, an infection feeding on the living flesh of religious belief would spread, poisoning the entire body. Fundamental extremists, like white blood cells, would rise up to fight the source of the infection, and tear the fabric of the world.

I started writing this series for two reasons: The first being that I saw the video of Neda’s death and was profoundly impacted. The second was the realization that, in regard to Iran, my perceptions were formed by sound bytes.


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Blowback: Neda’s Death, Iran’s Future (Part I)

A Death Seen Round The World


Image: Time.com

The burst of gunfire that shattered the air and a fallen victim. An assassination that could spell turbulence for Western, as well as Islamic, nations. The shot, witnessed the world over, did not hit a sitting US President, a world leader, or a prominent rebel leader. Rather, it hit a young, twenty-six year old woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether the shot was deliberate, fired by a sniper, or an accident, nobody knows. Unconfirmed news out of Iran states that it was intentional, fired from a rooftop. It ended her life in forty seconds. Such an event that creates martyrs.

She wasn’t a combatant. She wasn’t a leader. She wasn’t protesting, rioting, or rallying. She “simply was”…which is worlds away from “simply is.”  A young woman that died with fear in her eyes, she bled to death from a bullet to her chest. Her final moments were unfathomable, as blood spewed from her mouth, and those aiding her felt her life slip away. She simply died.

Did she have time to make peace with God? Did she have time to figure out what had happened to her? Did she feel terrible pain? That fateful morning, did she say goodbye to her mother, her relatives, her friends? Probably not. She was a nobody…and nobodies get killed everyday. And yet, she was also everybody…her death witnessed by millions; she’s become a single point of clarity, as well as solidarity, a rallying cry. Many know her by name: Neda Agha-Soltan. Much of the English speaking world refers to her simply as “Neda.”

Weeks ago, had Iran been wiped off the map, I wouldn’t have cared…well, that’s no entirely true. It’s simply that my view of Iran, then, and my view, now, has changed. Before Neda, Iran was a terrorist nation, full of extremists that wanted to kill Americans. While no doubt this is still true, the people of Iran have been made “human,”  full of fault, love, sorrow, and happiness. I can’t get her image from my head, her eyes, seeming to look right into my soul. Even now it’s her eyes; dread unfolds in the pit of my stomach, and I can’t keep from thinking that something terribly wrong is unfolding.

I started writing this series for two reasons: The first being that I saw the video of Neda’s death and was profoundly impacted. The second was the realization that, in regard to Iran, my perceptions were formed by sound bytes.


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Jon & Kate Beatdown By The Media & America

Why does America dislike Jon & Kate Gosselin so much? They’re not murderers, extortionists, or zealots. They’re simply casualties of the Reality TV grinder. Put all the rumors of infidelity aside: what have they done wrong? Nothing. Child exploitation claims are foolish; it’s obvious that the kids are thriving despite statements to the contrary. Jon and Kate aren’t bad parents, and they seem very likable. So, what exactly, has so many people upset?

They used their family situation to make money.

Yes, they did, entering the homes of millions. So, they’re capitalists.

They exploited the children.

Absolutely no proof exists, and wouldn’t the crew mention exploitation if it truly occurred? What else?

One, or both, had affairs.

Again, prove it. If they did, they deserve pity, not anger.

The Gosselins are victims of the media maelstrom, nothing more, nothing less. Rather than beating them down, they should be lifted up. The sad part is that it’s going to become much worse before it gets better; a quick look back into Reality TV history shows that many of the ‘stars’ do not emerge from the experience at all.

The Hogan Family (destroyed), Cheryl Kosewicz (suicide), Paula Goodspeed (suicide outside Paula Abdul’s home), Najai Turpin (suicide), James Scott Terrill (suicide), Nathan Clutter (dove off a cellular tower), Danny Bonnaducci (attempted suicide), Simon Foster (deadly overdose), Carina Stephenson (hung herself), Jo O’Meara (attempted suicide), and Sinisa Savija (threw herself under a train). And that doesn’t count those that did not make it to television, or their relatives: one woman, appearing on Extreme Makeover, found that her sister killed herself after the show went awry. There’s drug addiction, homelessness, and Susan Boyle-esque hospital stays. People, families, torn apart. Reality TV is the lion, and America’s a gaggle of Romans waiting for the games to begin.

What has happened to American compassion? The Gosselins have been destroyed as a couple and possibly as a family. A direct result of their five-year run-in with TLC. Yeah, they made some money.

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