A Gutterwork, Inc.

A Little History

The idea behind the name, A Gutterwork, Inc., has bounced around in my head from my college days until now; this, the first formal unveiling, if you will. As a college student, and then employee, in the advertising & marketing field, I often was sucked into side projects that called upon creativity. As a contingency, I developed my own, personal, “agency,” which was generally my secret.

Looking back now, realize that I should have trademarked the name and registered the domain…a company that cleans downspouts and gutters for homes happens to use the name Gutterworks, and owns Gutterworks.com. Thus, A Gutterwork, Inc. was born. Slightly less romantic than what I had in mind. So, that’s how it all came about. At one time, there were some business cards and other materials, as well as some general idea of what A Gutterwork, Inc. the business, was to be…things lost in the fire that is and was my life.

To me, A Gutterwork, Inc. has significant meaning.

What Is The Gutter?

On a computer screen, the gutter is the space between two columns of text. In print, the gutter is actually called the “gutter margin,” and is the point where the two “sides” of the book meet in the middle to be bound.

Why Is The Gutter Significant?

To many, it’s not. However, as someone that loves books, and aspires to write, the meaning is not taken from the actual gutter of the book, but the words scribbled therein. The “works.” Often, the key thoughts, are written in the margins and the gutter. Therefore: A Gutterwork, Inc.: Sometimes the Important Stuff is Outside the Lines.

Etching desks, crayons on the wall, and writing in books were the rebellious acts of childhood; in a word, unacceptable. Now it’s simply known as “advertising,” and oft times the best ideas are found in unexpected spaces. Graffiti could change your life if you let it. At church, often people write in their Bibles, taking down the key points of the sermon. The notes enliven the experience, and hinge on remarkable. Years later, reading notes scribbled in the gutter, the experience of that moment in time is reignited…sounds, smells…beckoning me to re-live and learn. That’s an extraordinary experience, mainly because I can’t tell you what I did yesterday.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you found something of value here. This is a rare thing…having the potential to communicate with everyone…and first impressions are lasting.