Leave A Note!

This is like one of those books that you see when you go to a wedding…except we’re not at a wedding, and the pen always seems to be missing, dropping blobs of ink, or has to much area in which to sign. (I always sign on the back page).

I am sure that you have seen something akin to this on other sites. Basically, it is for you to write about you. About whatever you want. Or, to just say hello. Or go to hell. If you want to connect, please do so. I am interested in reading about whatever it is that is on your mind. And, I will write you back.



9 responses to “Leave A Note!

  1. W. T. Stambaugh

    I read a little of your stuff. You strike me as someone who knows what he’s talking about, and it is about your area of expertise that I would like to speak with you…when it comes to advertising and growing a site we have no idea what we’re doing.

  2. W. T. Stambaugh

    You can email me…

  3. W. T. Stambaugh

    Thought you might enjoy this
    The Genius of Obama’s Attack on FOX NEWS

  4. W. T. Stambaugh

    New on http://iamthewill.wordpress.com/
    What Do You Do About a Problem Like Joe Lieberman?

  5. W. T. Stambaugh

    Now on http://iamthewill.wordpress.com/

    “And The Song Remains The Same…”

  6. W. T. Stambaugh

    A Note to Media: Know When to Say When
    New on http://iamthewill.wordpress.com/
    Media Politicize Fort Hood Shootings… Disgusting

  7. jlouis0312

    WordPress is starting to make me a bit upset…keep getting LOGGED OUT

  8. W. T. Stambaugh

    Thought you might enjoy this. My teaching license is in History, by the way

    “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches”

    New on http://iamthewill.wordpress.com/

    Teachers: America’s Most Wrongly Maligned Professionals

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