Downtrodden Take Heart: Freedom Does Not Cost You At All

Chain BrokenThere is an amount of pride that comes with being an American citizen; the only way that you’ll be able to appreciate, though, is by losing it. Or, like many, begin without it. I’m proud to be an American. I was born here, not brought here. I did not flee here from somewhere else due to an unfair government, persecution, or crime. I didn’t sneak over in search of a better life,  better living conditions, or a better opportunity. I did not arrive as a war criminal a prisoner, or a prisoner of war. I’ve been able to marry since birth, was afforded the right to vote, and had the privilege of serving my country with little more than a background check. I haven’t been aligned with any group of U.S., or non-U.S. persons that have been racially or religiously profiled due to their affiliation, whether innocent or guilty, with radical groups that commit heinous crimes in the United States or against her citizens and properties in foreign countries.

Living under the auspices and freedoms of the United States of America, I was not born in the wrong city, the wrong body, in the wrong era, near the wrong neighborhood, living in the wrong house, to the wrong parents who wrongly treated me. I did not I was not sent to the wrong school, never got shot at by the wrong crowd, and never killed the wrong person while aiming for someone else. No, I went to a school where I was given the choice to get an education, or not. I applied to jobs where I chose to work, or not. I was approached by the wrong people, and I had a chance to take the easier road, or not. When I made the grades to get into a college, I had a choice to attend classes, or not.

I did not attend classes…a choice that led me to fail college within the first four months. Which caused me to get put on academic probation. I lost my housing, my funding, and my shot at college. Thus, the military.

The military doesn’t provide many choices, so my chances for success immediately improved. I received a Security Clearance, a duty station and a job. My duty station was at a Law Enforcement (LE) and Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit These privileges came with responsibility; I learned to fight, became a marksman and a sharpshooter, and had to show up at my post on-time. I also had to pay taxes and vote.

About a year and a half later, I attended “A” School for telecom installation and maintenance in California.

I spent 9 years in the military, and decided to leave when former President Clinton decided to downsize the armed forces because it meant that I would not get promoted. I was third in line to move up, and the powers that be decided that I would not make it that year, and possibly the next.  So I bailed and went back to college, graduated, and here I am today.

I suppose that in a small way, I should be understanding of all of the downtrodden groups of Americans who cry out that their rights have been violated because the American way of life that they’ve been enjoying for most, if not all, of their lives are somehow now not meeting their freedom-based, perceived needs.

Wasting our time, our money, and our attention on various propositions that, if not voted upon in the desired manner, take to the streets and cry “FOUL.” Their attitude, of course, that when Democracy does not go “their way” then it’s not fair; their God-given rights have been violated, although they do not believe for the most part in God. Well, the truth of the matter is that you really don’t have any rights unless they are given to you. Just because you live in America does not mean that America must bend to your needs, and as an American that has actually given his will to his country, maybe it would be better for all involved if you just got out…you’ve got nothing to lose, after all. America isn’t fair? Move. Leave. Go.

We have become a country that puts the needs of your tiny, meddling, superficial groups to the forefront because our leaders are afraid of being called biased. We spend a lot of time on you…and you know exactly who you are…hearing out your court cases and legal summaries as to why things should be this way, or that way, to be truly fair. Instead of seeking a new haven as so many millions have sought America, you instead use fear and hate to spread your doctrine.

It’s a doctrine that is destroying our country and our way of life. Congratulations. While you wage another protest, or sit-in, or attack, the real danger awaits outside our borders. While watching you, we’re forced to take our eye off the true danger. Move to Mexico, Canada, or the Middle East and establish your lives there…I don’t care where you go just as long as it is not here. Goodbye. Good Luck. Get Out. You say that you want freedom and equality, yet you hold the country hostage. I’ve but one more thing left to say: The World Does Not Revolve Around You.



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2 responses to “Downtrodden Take Heart: Freedom Does Not Cost You At All

  1. W. T. Stambaugh

    As an addendum, I would add that, as a proud American citizen as well, I consider it my responsibility to stand up for what I believe to be right, and that, just as James Madison proposed when he wrote the Constitution, those beliefs be based on rational self-interest.

    I would say you don’t have any rights unless you exercise them at every opportunity. Protesting and activism based on rational principle are why we have a country in the first place. The real danger lies not outside our borders, but inside our own apathy.

  2. I would expect for you to stand up for what you believe in…no matter what. Exercising your “rights” at every opportunity is also something I believe in. However, where I start to believe that the system is not working correctly are when people who claim that they have rights (for homosexuals, the right to marry, for African Americans, it depends on the weekend the fight (not being facetious), for the Islamic people, the RIGHT to put up mosques with spires, etc.) These ARE NOT rights, but rather, personal agenda’s being masked as rights that when, if anyone DARES to stand in the way, they are automatically labeled as bigots. Why would I be a bigot or racist simple for the fact that I do not agree with a certain agenda? It’s ridiculous that my religious beliefs are attacked by NON-CITIZENS that seem to have the ear of liberal Democrats because I disagree with their practices.

    Take Islam for example. Christianity in Islamic nations is not only not allowed, but it can be your death for teaching other than what Mohammed taught. Yet, in the US, the Muslims are allowed to build mosques with spires and then complain….

    I have to say that the homosexual agenda baffles me…half the people that I know that are fighting for marriage don’t want to get married…they revel in the fact that they are able to move from partner to partner…it is part of these certain friends’ lifestyle.

    Exercising your rights at every opportunity in the above situations is simply throwing out BS in the way of real problems and concerns. We, as a nation, are SO worried that we might get in trouble for hurting feelings that it is best to say nothing at all. And that is a weak way to be. That reeks of a divisible nation. If I were a nation that wanted to hit America, I would do it now…we wouldn’t end, but it would hurt.

    My 2 cents. Right Wing. Conservative. Working to keep America as moral as possible while doing the right thing…

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