Final Post on Jon & Kate

So, tonight’s the night. Jon and Kate go before the US to tell us about their big news.

I will be back in an hour…

Well, as expected, the dissolution of marriage has begun. It is sad, really, almost brutal in it’s drawn out special format. They are separating, but interestingly enough, the show is going to continue. I guess that means that money can be more powerful than a lot of things…including love. However, that is not quite the truth. The show basically stated that the problems had been going on for a while. Jon needed to find himself, and Kate needed to get back to her old self…with the help of some cosmetic surgery.

My heart hasn’t changed. Instead of continuing with TLC, maybe they should level a law suit against the network. But, who am I kidding…they are still getting paid $75K per episode. At 40 episodes, that’s more than I would make in 30 years if my salary never changed.

Good Luck, Gosselins. Although it seems like life would be easier without each other, that’s actually far from the truth.


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